Crane Personal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier, for Home Bedroom Hotels Travel and Office, 0.2 Gallon, Filter Free, Blue and White

About Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 360° MIST NOZZLE: The Crane personal cool mist humidifiers offer an adjustable 360° mist lid making it easy to send the mist in any direction. The mist output is perfect for rooms up to 160 square feet – a standard small to medium sized room.
  • WHISPER QUIET: Crane’s personal humidifier runs whisper quiet, making it the perfect option for light sleepers, kids, & babies. This humidifier is made with clean control anti-microbial material which reduces mold & bacteria growth by up to 99.96%.
  • 0.2 GALLON TANK: The 0.2 gallon tank fits under a standard kitchen or bathroom sink & is easy to carry & travel with due to its ultra-compact size. It can easily be packed into a suitcase or backpack & fits perfectly in any hotel room or guest residence.
  • 8 HOUR RUN TIME: The personal humidifier runs up to 8 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running it through the night. It also is equipped with an automatic shut-off safety feature that turns the unit off when the water runs out.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crane’s easy to clean humidifier design features a detachable bottom fill tank, professionals for promoting clean humidifier habits. The mist cap is removable, giving you access to clean the entire base.

Why You’ll Love The Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane cool mist humidifier is more than just stylish! The ultrasonic cool mist increases moisture in the air for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. Humidifiers help to relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin & hair.

  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Runs up to 8 hours
  • 360° Mist Nozzle
  • No Filter Required
  • Auto-Off Safety Feature
  • Clean Control Anti-Microbial Material in base
  • Humidifies rooms up to 160 sq ft

Why cool mist?

Cool mist humidifiers do not contain a heating element and are one of the safest for newborns and young children. The ultrasonic vibrations produce fine mist particles that are cool to the touch. Cool mist is also recommended to relieve croup.

FAQs About Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

How does the water stay in? As soon as i put in on the base it pours out of the small holes on the bottom.
To fill the tank you will unscrew the water tank cap and then add water into the tank. Once the tank is filled you will replace the water tank cap back on, this will hold the water in the tank. When the water tank is placed onto the base some water will transfer from the water tank to the base, this is normal as the mist is created in the base of the unit.

Can you use essential oils in this crane personal cool mist humidifier?
Yes. There is a small tray in the base, which holds a pad – oils are dropped onto the pad, and the humidifier diffuses them. Oils can be used only in this tray, No essential oils into the water tank. If you mix them with the water, it will allow a residue to build and impair operation of the humidifier.

What is the max ml/hr output of this crane personal cool mist humidifier?
This unit can put out up to 100ml/per hr.

How do i adjust the humidity?
This humidifier only has one mist setting on it.

Is this crane cool mist humidifier bpa free?
Yes this humidifier is BPA free.

How long will the humidifier run when it is nearly full?
This humidifier will last up to 8 hours on a full tank of water.

10 Top Reviews for Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

1. Love This!

We have forced air heat in our home, which I find extremely drying, so a personal humidifier on my nightstand is a must for me during the winter. Without one, my eyes and skin and inside of my nose get dried out, and I have trouble sleeping. Crane is my brand of choice and I have been buying it for years now.

This model is similar to what I already own. Very easy to use. You basically fill it with water, plug it in, and you’re good to go. It’s very quiet; I literally have it next to my face on full blast and can barely hear anything (although, once in a while, it does “gurgle”). It has a nightlight feature which can be turned on also. I don’t use it, but it can come in handy depending on where you place your humidifier.

The mist is made up of fine, cool particles. It doesn’t make the area surrounding the unit wet or damp. You need to dump out any remaining water before you use the unit again (ie, don’t reuse stagnant water). About once/week I sanitize the whole thing with vinegar and water. I like this a lot and it’s a great “beauty secret” that allows me to wake up with soft, dewy skin instead of dried out like parchment paper.

2. Impressive Humidifier

The heater comes on and suddenly all of our throats are dry and we are all feeling ill the next day, welcome to winter! In comes the Crane USA Humidifiers – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It worked perfectly for what we needed it for this winter.

We have not used a Crane before, and have only been using a typical/cheap humidifier that heats water and you put the mentholated liquid in a pan on top. This one is so much fancier than what I was used to. It works similarly though, you fill it up and plug it in..and there you go. It is super quiet, which I like, because I associate the “puff” of a humidifier with a sick room. I like that it does a cool mist instead of a hot mist. It also did not dry out overnight and kept working. It also doesn’t take up a huge spot in our room. I’ve cleaned it using vinegar and distilled water and it worked well. Overall, highly impressed with this crane personal cool mist humidifier.

3. this cute humidifier has a good amount of mist coming out of the nozzle

Despite its size, this cute humidifier has a good amount of mist coming out of the nozzle. You can choose high or low mist, just by pressing the ON button, a second time. To fill with water, you turn it upside down. The instructions say, do not fill to the rim, so because of its shape, once you flip it back upright, the water level is only half of the tank. So I was skeptical that it could last any length of time. However that small amount of water lasts a very long time. Even when it looks empty, it keeps on going. I’m up to 12 hours right now.

You cannot add any medications, essential oils or salts to the water. You can adjust the nozzle turning it 360 degrees but I had to use a bobby pin to turn it because my fingers couldn’t grip it. No big deal there, just sayin’. I aimed the mist toward my humidity monitor and within 30 minutes, the humidity rose from 21 to 28. Pretty good for this small thing especially in cold weather, because cold air doesn’t hold humidity well.

The tank holds 50 ounces of water according to the website description which is about a quart and a half. I like the changing color nightlight and I believe that kids and Moms will both like that aspect too. The lights provide just enough light so that you can tiptoe in and check on your sick kid but it’s gentle enough to not bother their sleep. Just press and HOLD down the light button to change colors. Press a second time to freeze the color you like or it will continue cycling through the colors. I leave mine sitting on the wooden bed table and I notice no problem with water damage, although it warns of that in the booklet. The mist goes up, not down, but you could always just lay down a towel.

4. Looks Nice, Works Well, Lasts All Night

This is a nice size humidifier that holds enough water to last all night. I use this humidifier in a spare bedroom when the grandchildren or other guests spend the night and the glowing night light is a bonus feature for this use in my opinion. I have been cleaning the tank weekly, with a 1 cup solution of 1/4 white vinegar and 3/4 distilled water sloshed around inside and then flushed with straight distilled water with good success, allowing it to air dry.

It is very quiet, and not very heavy even when filled with distilled water. The design is sleek and it will set in a 9″ x 13″ baking dish when in use to protect the wooden bureau top it is placed on. The power cord is long enough for my needs, the humidifier has an auto-shutoff feature. The unit comes packed quite well, and a free one year subscription to Living Magazine was included with my humidifier.

5. Compact, can move from room to room. Easier to fill and clean.

Love the size. I have 3 other larger units crane it’s my favorite brand by far. This crane personal cool mist humidifier I use for my bedroom. It makes a very faint bubbling noise from the ultrasonic function. Very quiet compared to my other two units ( Walgreens and Vicks brand). I have a larger Crane drop that I use for my kids room. Don’t know how I would sleep in these yoyo Missouri winters. I would recommend and most certainly buy again. Also this shape is so much easier to fill and clean. The tank will lay flat on the table/ counter unlike the drop model.

6. Simple, functional, super quiet humidifier LOTS of mist

Crane personal cool mist humidifier is better than the last two name brand humidifiers I purchased. The size is perfect for a child’s bedroom. The top where the mist comes out can be angled towards the bed and the lights provide a gentle soothing night light, my child loves changing the colors each night. The mist is fine and very soothing. Not overpowering, not too little like the tiny ones. The large ones with animal shapes dump out too much water too fast and it gets everywhere, but not the case with Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, it sends out fine mist without leaving a trace. My child had night after night with no coughing and good rest because of this product. Buttons are easy to use, light touch and adding water is very easy – lift up, unscrew cap, fill, put back on the base. Love this product.

7. Great crane personal cool mist humidifier.

Works exactly as advertised. In fact I was more than a little surprised when I first got it. I was replacing an old model from years ago and when I opened my amazon package I couldn’t believe how small it was. When I got everything going, which was a breeze, the easy to use slider adjusted just fine and the machine hummed along barely audible which I appreciate immensely. Highly recommend it even if the tank itself is small (not an issue for me) and can require refilling every night depending on level of use.

8. This is amazing!!!! And SILENT!!!!

This crane cool mist humidifier is amazing. It has helped me so much. And it’s silent. And I mean silent when I turn it on I don’t hear anything but I see the mist coming out. And the light changing is so neat I use it as a night lights. It’s not too bright so don’t worry about it making the room too bright. It’s jist enough light the water dilutes it some it’s pretty. Love this. Would definitely recommend this to everyone!!!!

9. this little portable humidifier is great for travel

it takes up very little room, and pumps out a lot of vapor. One thing to be very careful about: do not lift this device with a full water tank still on the unit. You will likely slosh water down into the electronics and kill it. My young bride did this by accident and fried the first one we had. We have the larger model in our BR, but this one is set aside for travel – hotel rooms are often dry from either the heat or the AC.

10. Perfect for my desk at work

I work in a building that used to be a warehouse and was converted to office space – so concrete floors, very high ceiling, cold and dry in the winter, and difficult to regulate temperature and air quality. I purchased this little humidifier to help combat the lingering effects of a winter cold. It’s been doing a solid job. Works exactly as advertised. It’s got a small footprint, but puts out a good amount of moisture and will run almost an entire day on one fill. It’s also easy to clean with white vinegar. Very happy with it so far.

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