Crane Adorable Penguin Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter EE-5065 COVER

Crane Penguin Air Purifier

Crane Penguin Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter EE-5065

About Crane Penguin Air Purifier

  • TRUE HEPA PROTECTION: The included TRUE-HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles and germs. It also filters out common household odors. Our filters meet the efficiency and air quality levels set by the United States Department of Energy.
  • GERMICIDAL UV LIGHT: Crane’s Adorable Penguin Air Purifier comes with a Germicidal Ultra-Violet Light that destroys the ability of bacteria & other pathogens to multiply and cause disease. It’s an effective, non-chemical approach to disinfecting the air.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Our air purifier has 3 speed controls, the low setting is whisper quiet for continuous operation that is perfect for a good night’s sleep.
  • BROAD COVERAGE: Our adorable penguin air purifier works in rooms up to 150 sq ft. Perfect for effective air purification in any living space such as bedrooms, living rooms, or public areas like classrooms and offices
  • COMPACT ADORABLE DESIGN: This powerful air purifier’s design is cute & adorable, & fits well with the décor of any room. The unit is 9″ x 9″ in depth & width, & 16″ in height, making it a perfect compact option for even the smallest of spaces

5 Reasons You’ll Love Crane Penguin Air Purifier

  1. Compact size, only 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide.
  2. Easy to change filters for optimal air purification.
  3. Tip over switch with auto shut off feature.
  4. Available in friendly Shark and Penguin styles.
  5. Whisper quiet operation.

Benefits Of Crane Penguin Air Purifier

1. Helps Maintain a Healthy Home

Keep the air in your home virus and germ free by using an air purifier to help capture those particles. This will prevent illnesses like the cold and flu from spreading in your home.

2. Breathe Easier with Clean Air

We can’t always control the air we breathe outside, but an air purifier can help to keep the air in our home particle free and fresh. This an help prevent congestion and other symptoms that can cause respiratory issues.

3. Reduce Household Odors

Air Purifiers with an active carbon filter helps to capture larger particles that cause odors like tobacco, pets, garbage and cooking.

FAQs About Crane Penguin Air Purifier

1. What’s the warranty of this Crane penguin air purifier?
It is under one year warranty.

2. What is it’s room coverage?
This Crane penguin air purifier can clean the air for a small to medium room.

3. Does it get rid of cigarette smoke odors?
Yes, it does. My houseguest smokes and the smoke odor on his clothes has made his guest room stink. However, with the addition of this Crane air purifier, the room now is much more pleasant.

4. If I purchase an air purifier, do I also need a humidifier or would the air purifier suffice?
An air purifier would not add any moisture to the air. If your air is dry, you would still need a humidifier.

5. How heavy is this penguin air purifier?
It is really light, probably around 3-4 lbs. It stands up nicely and stops running if knocked over until corrected.

6. Is there a replacement for when the UV light goes out?
Yes, replacement UV bulbs can be purchased on the crane store.

7. Is it suitable for 150 sq ft room?
The penguin air purifier is suitable for a 150 sq foot room, but the air quality in the room too will be a factor in how often the filters are being changed.

8. What does the red light mean?
It means ON.

10 Top Reviews for Crane Penguin Air Purifier

1. Life saver!

My son was 2.5 years old when we started using this Crane penguin air purifier. He had been having an awful night time cough for months that nothing seemed to soothe. We even took him to the doctor who recommended using abuterol at night time to help open his airways and that didn’t even help. We live in a brand new home and I wash his bedding weekly in very hot water to help kill any dust mites or things that could trigger his cough.

After months of trying everything I could to stop his cough I finally came across this air purifier and ordered it right away as a last ditch attempt to fix whatever the problem was. Once it arrived I put it in his room on high and let it run continuously the whole day. When it came time to put my son to bed he was very excited to have a new “friend” in his room and that night after he feel asleep was the very first night in over 6 months that he didn’t cough!

I could not believe that such a simple solution solved what had been months of misery! We now shut this off during the day but will run it on low throughout the entire night while he’s sleeping. We have not had any issues with a cough since and I swear when I walk into his room even I breathe easier! I would recommend this product to anyone looking to provide the cleanest, most pure air for their children! Could not be happier with my purchase!

2. Great! A+

Fantastic Crane penguin air purifier! Easy to use, quiet and seems to work really well. I’ll update in a week or two to continue my update on what I think of this little guy but so far so good. Even on high it’s not terribly loud! My daughter absolutely loves him too, she’s named him Cody.

Update 4/18: So we’ve been using this penguin air purifier and it really works well! I decided to put it in my craft room today! It doesn’t get much traffic and at one point the dog had peed on the floor so there was a slight smell. I’ve had this purifier in there for only 2 hours and there is NO smell! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the air quality of the craft room!! It’s fantastic and A+.

3. Has been running for almost 5 years!

Not kidding: I’ve had this thing plugged in every day, non-stop, since 2013. It is never turned off. Yes, it has been running for almost 5 years straight and it is still going strong. I just clean the filter when needed. I have not bought a new filter at all. This is great for white noise as well as the dust filter. It just won’t quit!

4. The Penguin stays, and so does the cat

Last month I went to my doctor because my allergies were acting up. Nothing major: itchy skin sometimes, nose and chest congestion. The first thing she said to me was “You need to get rid of that cat. I told her: “The cat stays. I might replace you.” Yeah, I was in a mood that day. I’m willing to undergo any treatment to keep my little companion, and the first place the doc goes is “Get rid of her’? Not happening. Ever.

I came home and started doing research on air purifiers. I learned about rate of air exchanges per hour (6 is the best), I decided to stay away from HEPA-Type filters because they are not true HEPA and I want something that gets the job done. I read reviews on the air purifiers on Amazon. I decided to buy this one for my bedroom because it’s cute. I like penguins. The unit shuts off if the door’s open or if it tips over. It’s also bigger than I expected, over a foot tall. It was ready to use right out of the box. All I had to do was pull it out, sit it on my table, plug it in and turn it on. I felt a big difference the first night I used it. My nose and head cleared up. I usually run it on medium. The white noise at that level is decent. When I turn it up high that’s really loud, but I don’t mind. Sometimes the guy in the apartment next to me gets loud and I need something to drown him out.

At night I turn the penguin away from me so it faces the wall. That’s not a problem. It’s a good night light. The day before I received the air purifier I found moldy padding in the vents of my A/C heating unit, so I know my cat is not the entire source of my allergies. And I have no intention of getting rid of her. This is her forever home. Management is going to have to clean those vents. This week I’m going to buy the Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover for Large Rooms, HAP756-U for the living room and the rest of the apartment. So far, so good. I’ll post an update in another month, good, bad or indifferent.

5. Penguin Air Purifier

This “Penguin” air purifier is so adorable! It works great and the kids think it is so cute. It is very safe to use and will stop working if it falls over due to one of the kids hitting it or running into it. You just have to keep it about three feet from the walls or any other things. It will not work right if you don’t and it will leave a black stain on whatever it is close too. I do not know why this happens though. All air purifiers seem to be like that.

6. Love this Crane penguin air purifier!

I wanted a purifier for my office cubicle since my allergies are much worse at work, but I didn’t want something that looked medicinal. This was the perfect solution! I haven’t been sneezing or using nearly as many tissues at work, so I truly think it is helping me. I use it on the low setting when my coworkers are around, but it is pretty quiet.

Cute design, works well! I also have a Crane humidifier at home that I love, so I’d highly recommend any Crane product.

7. Great Whimsical Air Purifier

I was looking for an air purifier that would provide “white noise” and at the same time circulate the air in my bedroom. A fan works well in the summer but in the winter not so much. I can’t speak to the true effectiveness of this purifier since my bedroom is large and I have four dogs and a husband who share this space with me. But I can tell the air is circulating but not causing a breeze – and the noise level is perfect for blocking out other house noises. The penguin adds a touch of whimsy to the room that makes me smile. I would image this would be a great purifier for a child’s room. I definitely recommend this reasonably price air purifier.

8. I am extremely impressed!

At first, I was skeptical about this Crane penguin air purifier. It was listed at a cheaper price and didn’t look at “sophisticated” as more expensive air purifiers. My two year old daughter absolutely loves having the penguin in her room. She gets excited when I turn it on. It comforts me knowing that when I walk into her room, there is a fresh, clean atmosphere. You can actually smell the difference. The entire filter (which needs to be changed every three months) is relatively cheap at around 10ish dollars. I recommend this product to any one with small children.

9. This is really a life safer product!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I bought this Crane penguin air purifier for my daughter who had to be hospitalized for 3 days because of a air reactive desease that was torturing my daughter. When she came back home after being ok at the hospital, she got sick again so I had to send her to my sister’s house and over there she was doing well, so I realized that something was wrong at home because every night at home she had truble to breath so I could not sleep under that desperate situation. Then I thought that I should surf the internet to browse any website with info about air purifier…so i ended up on with this blessed air purifier but at first I doubted about purchasing because some negative reviews, but because I like the idea of the purifier to eliminate bacteria, virus and all those things i bought it and guess what? IT WAS THE BEST DESICION I HAVE TAKEN IN MY LIFE, BECAUSE SINCE THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT GOT HOME I SET IT UP AND MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN SLEEPING WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM. NOW THERE ARE NO RUNNY NOSE, NO STUFFY NOSE, NOTHING BUT SLEEPING SMOOTHLY THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT…FOR ME THAT WAS A PURE MIRACLE!!. Since I have seen that my daughter stared sleeping very well sice I started using this product, my wife told to buy another pinguin Air Purifier, so we decided to buy another Pinguin Air Purifier and this is just the second one…WE ARE VERY SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!1 SO DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO NEGATIVE REVIEWS ABOUT IT…YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S HEALTH ARE GOING TO GET THE HEALTH YOU ALL NEED!!

10. Great product, even better customer service.

We loved this penguin as a kind of “white noise” for our baby in his room. It worked perfectly until 364 days later when it completely stopped. On a whim, I contacted customer service who were very friendly and responsive and after following a few directions sent us a brand new penguin. We are so happy to get such a great response and to have a company that truly stands behind their product. Will buy from Crane again and again.

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