Crane Oscillating Air Circulator Fan

Crane Oscillating Air Circulator Fan (EE-5617)

About Crane Oscillating Air Circulator Fan

  • Width: 9.75″ Height (closed): 7.75″ Height (open): 14″
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • SensorTouch Display
  • 70 Degree Horizontal Oscillation
  • 90 Degree Vertical Tilt
  • Voltage – 120 V, for domestic use only

FAQs About Crane Oscillating Air Circulator Fan

Can this crane fan be hung on the wall?
No, we do not recommend hanging the fan from the wall or ceiling for safety reasons.

How can I clean the blades?
There is no way to take the unit to wipe the blades, you can take a q tip or a small soft bristle brush to it to wipe what you see off.

How many decibels about this crane fan?
Beyond quiet, I cant even hear it at all. Quietest fan ever!

I have a problem with my fan and i want to get it repaired. how should i contact you?
There is a one year warranty on Crane products, it does start fromt he date of purchase. You can reach out via email, call or even web chat.

Is there lights on the front of this fan that stays on during the night?
The lights are very tiny and stay on as long as the fan is on.

10 Top Reviews About Crane Oscillating Air Circulator Fan

1. Quality, stylish, oscillating small fan

This is a nice looking, well-made, small tabletop fan. It has a tiny remote that sits on the base when not in use and it comes with batteries pre-installed, you just pull the tab. You can also operate the fan with the buttons on the front.

The fan has 3 speeds and the 3rd speed is pretty strong. The first speed is very, very light. I find that I like medium speed the best. Standing 3 1/2 feet from the fan, the breeze is really nice.

At my house we prefer using fans to keep cool so we don’t use the air conditioner as much and when sitting at our computers we normally have a fan blowing our way. You could put this on the floor and and angle it upward or place it on your computer desk. I love that it moves back and forth. Rare for such a small fan! The base is a bit bigger than my other fan but it’s still easy to move from one location to another..

2. Fan’s Remote Control Makes This Mighty-Mouse of the Fan A Mighty Winner!

What I like most about this crane oscillating air circulator fan is the remote control. I’ve always had a manual one and wondered when they would start featuring remote. I don’t do much shopping, as that’s my wife’s territory, but when this fan came to my attention I got it immediately. No regrets. It’s quiet, especially at slower speeds, but even at full blast it’s much quieter than my other fans. It really puts out a high speed.

It relatively small so I can move it from room to room with ease. Or, I can use it in traveling. There is a timer for one to seven hours that, frankly, I don’t use. For my wife, there’s a free year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens. She definitely is pleased with that bonus. One feature I don’t care for is a red light at night, so I just tape over it. But it’s the remote feature that puts this crane oscillating air circulator fan over the top. I’m generally a lot tech kind of guy, but when it comes to remote TVs, radios and fans, I’m a player.

3. Nice Feature Set for a Fan

My daughter’s been using this in her room as she likes a bit of air flow and fan noise as she falls asleep. For this, the remote control is the most useful feature as she can activate the fan from bed; maybe even giving it a timer.

The design is a sort of non-conventional; it may be a bit on the over designed side. But, it does fold up compactly, and has easily accessible buttons. Probably more physical buttons would have been better. I’m not a fan of flat capacity buttons; they work but real push buttons would be more satisfying. It works. It pushes air. It oscillates. It’s about as noisy as I expect a fan to be. It has an easily lost, but workable remote control. What’s not to like?

4. Great Fan For Small Apartments

This crane oscillating air circulator fan is perfect for small apartments. It’s compact and the fan and stand fit together as one unit when not in use. The best thing is that it comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to operate from a distance. Most of the fans I have require you to get up and adjust when necessary, but this one allows you to be a couch potato. The fan is fairly quiet, even on the highest level.

My only question is durability, but it seems well made. In addition, you get a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine with every fan (at least I got this in my box). Just fill out the postcard. This was a nice bonus I didn’t expect. Overall this is a handy, compact fan that’s easy to adjust thanks to the remote control.

5. Super Fan – Just What I Needed

This fan is exactly what my man-cave, cubby office at home needed. Set in front of large sunroom windows in a once outdoor space that gets warm without much air circulation, it needed a small but effective fan to get the air moving and to cool myself off. This fan is perfect and works well. It adjusts its aim, oscillates, has three speeds, a remote and is super easy to use. For a small space or a focused breeze, this is a great fan. It also has a timer which I don’t expect to use. The fan is lightweight but has a powerful flow. I think most buyers would be satisfied.

6. This fan is cool. (See what I did there …)

I quite like this crane oscillating air circulator fan. It’s small and more for personal use or a smaller room, but it’s the perfect size for a table or desk with its fairly small footprint. Three speed settings give you some good options, it has easy function – including timer and remote. Aesthetically, its a step above most small fans.

7. Great quiet fan that is easy to store and use

This small, lightweight fan is really useful in our smaller studio apartment! It folds and unfolds easily, fits under the bed for storage, and moves a serious amount of air. The fan is quiet, and the remote works well. The only thing we wish it would do is have more angle settings when it unfolds. But that is a personal preference.

8. small, efficient, quiet

I love this fan. The price is reasonable, it’s adjustable to several heights or leave it down flat and put over an air conditioner floor vent. It’s a cool looking fan too, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room and have dust catcher vents like a tower fan. I hope it lasts. I’ve been buying a new fan every year because they keep quitting.

9. Awesome little fan!

I was a bit skeptical of this crane oscillating air circulator fan due to its small size, but I am a believer! Living in an older house with a subpar duct system means we can’t live without fans on both levels and a window AC unit upstairs in the warmer months. We’ve been using a Wind Tunnel in the living room, but it’s big and noisy. This Crane fan will be replacing it. I can’t believe how much air it puts out for its size. The base is super stable. It has three speeds, an oscillating feature, and you can even set a timer. And it’s incredibly quiet! The remote control is not as flimsy as others we have had for fans and heaters and works great even from fifteen feet away. Though this fan is small, it is mighty. And it’s small enough to take with us when we travel. I’m really impressed with it.

10. I love this fan!

This is a great fan. First and foremost it is pretty quiet. Second, you don’t even have to get up to adjust it if you become cold or hot in the middle of the night. Just click the remote and you can adjust it however you like! The fan will oscillate if you’d like, or you can keep it stationary. I like the fact you can keep the head or top of the fan flat too. The actual fan part can sit up or lay down. This works great when I place it on the floor by my air vent. It moves air straight up and out the sides. The fact that you can set this for a variety of speeds and times is wonderful. I like to set the fan for a few hours and let it turn off as the evening gets cooler in the spring when the windows are open. The best part of this is the remote! I cannot find a thing wrong with this crane oscillating air circulator fan. PERFECT for a wedding gift or for a college dorm room!

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