Crane Humidifier Filter

Crane Universal Humidifier Filter, Compatible with Drop, Droplet, Adorable, Warm & Cool Mist Humidifiers (HS-1932)

About Crane Humidifier Filter

  • REDUCES WHITE DUST: Demineralization filter cartridge reduces white dust from hard water
  • LONG LASTING: Lasts for 1-2 months of 30-40 tank fillings
  • CLEAN CONTROL: Antimicrobial Material is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth
  • FITS MOST CRANE HUMIDIFIER STYLES: Including Adorables, Drops, Droplets, smartDrops, and Warm Mist
  • EXTENDS LIFETIME: Extends lifetime of your humidifier

FAQs About Crane Humidifier Filter

I know you should empty the water the next day but are you supposed to fill it with new water immediately or let it dry first?
Letting tepid water sit around is a good way to grow bacteria! You should empty it when you turn it off. After that I will do a vinegar rinse and then let it dry before replacing it with fresh water and then use it again.

If I use distiller water in my crane humidifier do I need to use the crane humidifier filter?
If you use distilled or filtered water, you won’t need the filter.

Are these crane humidifier filters recyclable?
As the filter is used to remove excess minerals from the water transferring through it, the filter is not recyclable.

Is this the blue filter or the white? The blue filter does not fit the drop humidifier due to it being longer and hitting the side/bottom.
This is the white crane humidifier filter and fits perfect for the Crane drop humidifier.

How long does this last? One filter.
I have hard water. filter lasts 6-8 weeks. Granules get saturated, spring/float valve weakens.

Is this crane humidifier filter compatible with Elliot?
Yes, this filter is compatible with Elliott the Elephant. It will replace the original water tank cap on the unit.

10 Top Reviews for Crane Humidifier Filter

1. Great filter, almost necessary when you have hard water!

We have two crane humidifiers, which I love, and you do not HAVE to use a filter for them, but we have ridiculously hard water, and using the humidifier for any length of time without a filter leaves a lot of buildup that is difficult (and in some places impossible) to remove completely.

When my children were all sick for a few weeks on end during the winter I used our humidifiers continuously. One had a filter and one didn’t. Although I periodically changed the water and used vinegar to clean deposits of minerals and even scraped and scrubbed at the stuff, the humidifier without the filter still has some calcified residue. There are just some places you can’t really get at to scrub, and vinegar by itself doesn’t fully dissolve all the mineral build-up. The humidifier is still fully operable, but it is a constant battle to keep any new build-up from forming even after using for only a few days.

If you have hard water and a Crane humidifier, I do HIGHLY recommend using a crane humidifier filter. (Either that, or only fill the humidifier with distilled water, which can get pretty pricey if you’re operating it for an extended length of time!)

2. Works well with our Dragon humidifier

This is our fourth Crane humidifier. The first 2 were the Drop shape, and while we loved them, the maintenance was high because of our hard water. They each lasted 15-18 months, save for a 4-month summer reprieve. I started using a Protec ball but didn’t feel like they did anything, so stopped buying them. We think the mineral build-up is what caused their demise, and I take full blame for not cleaning them as often as instructed. Dust happens, especially in our home with forced-air heat, so I didn’t purchase the cartridge for white dust reduction as much as humidifier maintenance support. I have had the Dragon and filter for about 5 weeks now, and the demineralization cartridge causes a noticeable difference in the unit. The water tank and reservoir have significantly less cleaning required – as in I’ve only cleaned it once, and not because the water had brown build-up but because I realized it was due for a vinegar rinse.

I do think we’ve had a dust reduction but I couldn’t attribute it completely to the humidifier cartridge because we also started using a more “advanced” furnace filter. I also can’t tell if the filter causes less water to be misted into the air as the tank seems smaller than our former drop-shape tank even though one fill lasts the dragon through at least two full nights (medium power 8pm-7am, low output or off rest of day). I say 5-stars because I’m lazy and I like not having to clean the humidifiers that are a necissity in our house at least 6-months a year. I will continue to buy these Crane-specific demineralization cartridges.

3. Fits Cool Mist Drops perfectly fine

I’m not sure if the design has changed since some of the older reviews, but I have the Cool Mist Drops and this crane humidifier filter fits fine. It’s very close to the side of the water container, but it doesn’t actually hit it.

4. Works in the Humpty Dumpty Humidifier

Yep, this crane humidifier filter fits the Humpty Dumpty. The top, the threaded part, is a bit shorter but it threads on just fine. Make sure to follow the directions and soak the filter for a time before installation. Soaking washes off whatever that preservative stuff is that coats the filter beads. Other than that, all is well with this filter.

5. Love the filter!

I bought this for my boys humidifiers and so far have really liked the fact that it filters the water. I am pleased and would recommend it to someone who has a humidifier that is compatible with the filter cartridge.

6. Great for hard water

We have relatively hard water at home (burned through quite a few humidifiers in the past) so hopefully this will help out with the current one. We have been using this crane humidifier filter for a while and we don’t see the hard water issues we have seen in the past.

7. A Good Replacement Filter

Filter functions as it is intended, and fits into my Crane humidifier perfectly. Please keep in mind that per the humidifier guidelines, the filter needs to be replaced each season (for me, that means once at the start of each dry winter season) in order to ensure air filtering functions properly.

8. Works great!!

I own the frog one for over 2 years. We have never used a filter in it and never had a white dust problem. If you don’t want the extra minearls or you r water is hard…use distilled water…duh!! My city water must be great cause I have never had a problem. And as far as it being loud..of course it is going to make a little noise mine is only a hum so I don’t know where people are getting it is too lound because it is not. I would highly recommend this, it is cute, has great level settings a very low to very high setting, you chhose just turn the dial up or down, it is quite, and if you have hard water use distilled.

9. Demineralization filter

This does the trick for us. Without it, we have a thick, stubborn layer of white dust on EVERYTHING. We this, the white dust is minimal. There are absolutely no mineral deposits on the inside of the humidifier if we use a filter (without it, a thick layer builds up within a month). If you live in an area with high mineral content in your water, you are going to need one of these. Oh — about the complaints of orange water — there is a note that comes with the filter that states that it will cause orange water for the first few fillings and that this is normal. If you rinse the filter before use, this really isn’t a big problem.

10. Very efficient product!

It really makes a difference because our water is awful. We have to purchase bottled water to drink. When I used our tap water to fill our humidifier, it left a chalky residue so I decided to get some filter cartridges and I also switched to distilled water. It has really made a difference. No more residue on our humidifier.

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