Crane Fireplace Heater

Crane Fireplace Heater, 750W/1500W Ceramic Space Heater (EE-8075BK)

About Crane Fireplace Heater

  • UPSCALE: Crane’s ceramic fireplace heater is built with a metal housing that elevates the look and feel of your home. The cool touch feature makes our heater the safer option for households with children and pets by preventing accidental burns.
  • QUICK WARMING: Crane’s fireplace heater is equipped with a fan to warm any room in a breeze. The heater has an ember only setting along with two heat settings: an 750 watt LOW setting & a 1500 watt HIGH setting to effectively circulate air and heat.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION: Crane’s fireplace space heater automatically shuts off if the unit overheats, giving you peace of mind when having it around children, pets, or leaving it on while away.
  • WHISPER QUIET: The fireplace heater operates whisper quiet on both heat settings which makes it the perfect option for when you are sleeping, studying, or working.
  • COMPACT: This powerful heater’s design is sleek and modern, but fits well with any room’s décor. It is 7.5″ x 12.5″ in depth and width, and 15″ in height, making it a perfect compact option for small spaces, such as offices, desks or dorms.
  • Power source type: Corded Electric

5 Reasons You’ll Love Crane Fireplace Heater

  • 1. You can select from 3 settings, including just to have the embers glow without heat.
  • 2. Comes in three colors: black, red and white.
  • 3. Sleek and modern design that you’ll look forward to using.
  • 4. Keeps you warm but the outside stays cool to the touch even during operation.
  • 5. A Crane favorite that will have all your friends asking, ‘Where’d did you get that?’.

FAQs About Crane Fireplace Heater

1. Is it radiant heat for the forced hot air kind?

It is forced hot air, there is a blower at the bottom. The fan on the bottom forces the warm air out. Noise is present but not annoying and pretty much not an issue when a TV or other noise devise is active in same area.

2. Where are the controls?

The control is on the right side toeard the top/rear. There are four settings off/light/low heat/high heat.

3. Is there a burning plastic smell?

No burning smell. It’s just a rolling flame projection on the back. This is a great stylish model. I bought it twice to offer it as a gift and my friend also loved it (especially her dog who camped in front of it).

4. Is there a thermostat?

No visible thermostat. The control switch has 2 settings; low and high output in addition the first setting is for visual ambiance of the fireplace display with no heat output.

10 Top Reviews for Crane Fireplace Heater

1. I have 6 of these for my cats. They all love them.

These are gorgeous, kind of mid-century modern. I have six of Crane fireplace heaters for my cats. I have 2 Devon Rex cats who have little hair, and two sphynx cats who have no hair and they all absolutely love these heaters so I have them all over the house for them. I think it’s the orange glow they love because they see it and know when it’s on. I have other small heaters that don’t light up orange and none of my cats ever sit in front of those for some reason.

They don’t put out a lot of heat, enough to warm a small room, but I feel safe leaving them on and going into the other room (I’d never leave it on and leave the house though) and also the safety mechanism that shuts it off if it ever tipped over makes me feel safe too.

2. Perfect for my little apartment

I love it! I wanted something cute and cozy to heat up my living room whenever I’m cold, rather than having the heat on all the time in my apartment. It’s exactly what I wanted. Is the fire realistic looking? No. But seriously, how would you expect it to look like a real fire? It still looks really cute and gives me that cozy fire aesthetic, though, which is what I wanted. The heat works great, too, easily heats up the entire room. I will update this review if I have any issues with longetivity, but so far this crane fireplace heater is the bee’s knees.

3. Very cute and very effective

It’s small and unobtrusive when off, and looks great when turned on… with glowing coals and a mesmerizing flame effect in tones of orange and gold. We bought it to warm up a home office where our elderly dog likes to lay. The flames and the gentle white noise it makes when running seem to lull her to sleep. It keeps this 13 x 16′ room warmer than the rest of the house. These wouldn’t do as an only source of heat, but for supplemental warmth, they’re perfect. It has two speeds but we rarely use the higher one, as we’re not in a very cold climate. One tip: I’ve read other reviews where they said it stopped working, and turned out the underside was clogged with lint and hair. So be sure to periodically check and clean the little screen on the bottom of the unit, just as you would a dryer lint filter. Otherwise, it could overheat and turn off, making you think it was broken. We’ve had two others of these at another property and they’ve operated worry-free for years.

4. Best purchase I’ve made this winter!

I originally bought this crane fireplace heater for myself but ended up having to return it because the one I received was damaged which made me a little iffy on purchasing another. However, my boyfriend surprised me by buying a new one and I LOVE IT!!! It looks so good, it’s the perfect size for me to carry around the house, it puts off a nice amount of heat, and I love the ambiance the flames put off. It also makes a little bit of a humming sound but I personally find that comforting. I use this on a daily basis and my cats seem to love it too!

5. Best little Heater ever

I hesitated to purchase this because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fork over that much for a space heater. I decided wth so I splurged. OMG I love this heater! I’ve never had to turn it up to the max setting because here in Phoenix we haven’t been too cold yet. On the low setting it will heat the living area quickly and the dogs love it. The casing doesn’t get hot at all! I’ve even left it on over night accidentally and the next morning it was cool to the touch. When I don’t need the heat I still leave the “flames” on for ambiance. If you’re looking for a boring space heater for under your desk this isn’t it. This is aesthetically pleasing and part of the decor now. If you want atmosphere then get this beaut, I absolutely love this little gem. Getting another one for my bedroom!

6. Super fun faux fire effect. Love it!!

Ok so if you want a real fire, I suggest you go get a real fire. This is not a real fire, nor does it look like a real fire. However it does create the ambiance and glowie lighting of a fire which is simply lovely. If you want a thermostat this isn’t the product for you, but if you don’t need one and want to have the effect of a fire, without the all danger and smoke, or you just want it in a place where a fire is not appropriate then this is the fun addition for you. I got the black one and have it in the TV old box in the front of my RV and it’s completely AWESOME!! I couldn’t be happier with it. Saves me $ on propane heat and keeps the place nice and toasty in the cold and adds that lil’ extra something of the faux fire effect, which makes the place feel really cosy and homey. If it’s not cold out and I want the fun lighting effect of fire, I just turn on the flames without the heat, you can’t get that with a real fire

7. Form meets function

I’ve had this crane fireplace heater for several weeks now and am satisfied with it. The surround is made of a glossy black plastic and metal. The fake fire effect is solid and has a bit more of an orange glow than the pictures suggest. The fire moves in a cycling pattern and was convincing enough to fool a pet! There are 4 modes: off, fire effect only, 750W heat, and 1500W heat. I don’t notice much of a difference between 750W and 1500W mode as I expected. The fan is also a typical blower fan so don’t expect pure quiet in either of the heating modes. I would have preferred the fan to be quieter. It makes easy-to-ignore white noise though so no big deal. Finally, the air intake and plug connect on the bottom of the unit. There’s also a removable metal wire dust filter on the bottom and carry handle on the back.

I am happy with this purchase. It has already done a great job warming up a cold basement room. Having the heat come out below the fire effect also helps warm cold floors. I never found the unit too hot to the touch when in 750W mode even if touching the metal grills protecting the main heat exhaust. However, under 1500W mode you definitely do not want to be touching that area! The rest of the unit remains cool or warm to the touch. I’d call it a very safe heater as well.

8. I am picky as hell buying stuff and like to do my research

I am all about review shopping on Amazon. I am picky as hell buying stuff and like to do my research. This little guy cranks out some heat and looks cool doing it. Has 3 settings 1. flame only 2.low heat 3. high heat. Its a hair on the pricy side but i don’t mind when its good quality. Neat thing I noticed after having it on all night, its cold to the touch. Stoked on my solid purchase.

9. nice solid, well built heater

Really well built little heater, all metal construction, puts out a good amount of heat, flame doesn’t look real at all but whatever, it would be nice if you could run the heater without the flame if you wanted to, but that is not an option. If you want a thermostat you will need to buy it seperate, they sell them here on amazon. you just plug it into the wall outlet and then plug the heater into it. thats a better setup anyway. you want your thermostat to be away from your heat source.

10. I just love this little heater

I just love this little crane fireplace heater. I’m so glad they have it in black now. I bought it for our travel trailer for cool days and nights; however, I have been using in my home office and my living room. It’s easy to carry around. It has a hand hold on the back. It’s quiet enough for me. It puts out a very nice simulated fire and plenty of heat. You can run it on just the fire, low heat or high heat. My little dog also loves to lie in front of it. It was well worth the price to have a little ambiance with the heat.

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