Crane Dehumidifier

Crane Dehumidifier, Effective Moisture Removal up to 300 Sq. Feet

About Crane Dehumidifier

  • EFFECTIVE: The dehumidifier effectively dehumidifies up to 300 square feet for moisture removal and odor reduction. With a compact half-gallon tank, this small-yet-powerful unit removes up to 600ml of moisture from the air per day, making your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • PORTABLE: The Crane portable dehumidifier is 0.5 gallons and easily fits into your room or RV’s design with a stylish compact design. It is lightweight and takes up minimal space making it a great option for even the smallest of spaces such as closets, RV’s, and small bedrooms. This powerful dehumidifier’s design is sleek and modern, but fits well with any room’s décor. The unit is only 5.4″ x 9″ in depth and width, and 12″ in height.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: Crane’s dehumidifier automatic shut off safety feature engages when the 2 liter water tank is full, reducing unnecessary electricity usage. Just empty the tank to continue using the dehumidifier.
  • CLEAN CONTROL: This compact dehumidifier is made with anti-microbial material that reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. It’s design is easy to clean with a removable tank that can be rinsed under a standard sized sink, and a smooth exterior that can we wiped down.
  • WHISPER QUITE: Crane’s dehumidifier runs whisper quiet which makes it the perfect option for sleeping, working, studying, etc. This feature allows you to have it running all day or night with minimal noise distractions for kids, light sleepers, or noise sensitive individuals.

Features of Crane Dehumidifier

  • Half-gallon portable dehumidifier: Easily fits into your room’s design with a stylish compact design. With a compact half-gallon tank, this small-yet-powerful unit removes up to 600ml of moisture from the air per day
  • Auto shut-off sensor: Dehumidifier automatically shuts off when the water tank is full
  • Clean control: Anti-microbial material reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%
  • Soothing relief: Effectively dehumidifies up to 300 square feet for moisture removal and odor reduction

10 Top Reviews for Crane Dehumidifier

1. The humidty level is down to normal in my basement!

I think this unit is good for my size of house. I have maybe 850 square feet. In 24 hours I should empty twice with this very rainy season. I do once a day. I emptied today after a bad storm and I was back to 70 humidity. Not the machines fault, by no means. I didn’t empty in the morning and we are pretty much flooded in areas in my town. I AM VERY PLEASED by this crane dehumidifier. I like the digital reading of the humidity level. Easy to empty water. Automatic shutoff has been GREAT!!

2. Really helpful in the laundry room – definitely pulling water out of the air

We live in deep East Texas and that means year round humidity. Miserable humidity in the summer – yesterday it was 98 degrees with 90% humidity – like walking through a steam room every where outside. In our home it’s not that bad of course, but the laundry room can still get humid despite the central air conditioning on days when I’m doing a lot of laundry – I tend to wash and dry all the dog beds twice a week.

I put this crane dehumidifier in our laundry room for two days just to see if I was imagining things or if the laundry room was actually holding more moisture in the air than the rest of the house. I’m kind of amazed at how well this unit works and at how much water it collected in just 24 hours in just the laundry room. After just 48 hours running constantly, the room feels less humid and cooler even with the dryer and washer both going with multiple loads both days. (Our dryer does vent correctly outside)

The crane dehumidifier isn’t particularly loud for my needs and it doesn’t get hot. It does have a 4 or 8 hour timer if you don’t need to run it constantly. It’s small enough to fit on a countertop and sort of just disappears. Emptying the water container is very simple and you just wipe it out to clean it if needed. I am really pleased with this and wish I had thought of using one year ago.

3. I can finally sleep through the night again

I live in Florida and it’s very humid. I also have very bad sinus issues, which make it hard to get a good night sleep because I’m constantly waking up coughing and congested. Using this cute, little crane dehumidifier, I saw an amazing difference in my sleep and nasal congestion in just a few nights. I slept through til mornung and didn’t wake up all stuffy! Plus it’s very quiet, so it doesn’t bother me while I’m sleeping. I put it on high during the day and turn it down at night when I go to bed. It also has a timer, which is great, but I don’t really use. I love seeing all the moisture that has gathered in the water recepticle. I’m actually amazed at how much accumulated so far. I even feel less congested during the day. This is a great help and I have been telling everyone about it.

4. PERFECT For My Sewing Room

We have a room off to the end of the house which I use for my craft/art/sewing room. This room is not easy to get circulation in and out of , so it has a tendency to collect moisture and be cooler. I have a little heater I use there in the winter, but sometimes the corners of the room would get damp from the humidity in the rest of the house. Let’s see how this worked out.

WHAT IS THIS LIKE? This crane dehumidifier is a great shaped unit. It is for a table top or small clear area on a bare floor, but it has to be CLEAR. There are four silicone pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding. It is 9×51/2 inches in the footprint and around 13 inches tall. The cord is plenty long enough for anywhere I wanted to put it.

CONTROLS: TIMER – you can run this until it is full, or run it for only 4 or 8 hours and then it will stop. POWER on and off- lights up blue when you turn it on. HIGH/LOW – There is a light for H and one for L to tell you what speed it is on.

WATER: The water container is covered and is easy to get out of the unit. It has a nice area to grab it from. It holds about a quart of water or so. It is made from clear hard plastic.

WATER LEVEL: There is a narrow window in the front that lets you know where the water level is.

HOW DID THIS WORK FOR ME? This worked perfectly for what I wanted. I put this on a few times a week to get any extra moisture from the room during the winter or when windows are closed. It took out the moisture in the room and did not take up too much space either. I like that it is not automatic in that I won’t forget it is on and to empty it. I make sure to use it only when I need to and it did take moisture out well.

NOISY? This is not very noisy at all. It is the same as a personal fan noise would be. High is a bit louder than low, but it is very nice and does not disturb me at all.

THE BOTTOM LINE: For a really nice one room dehumidifier, this has worked beautifully for an offset room in our house. It is easy to use, not too loud, and does not take up too much table space either.

MY RATING: FIVE STARS. I have had this through the winter and really like having it. It is just what I needed.

5. Very small but works quite well. Easily portable.

As soon as I got this, I was able to put it to the test. I had shampooed a carpet with a carpet cleaning machine the day before company was coming and, considering the high humidity we were having, I was concerned that it would not dry in time. So I set this machine on a footstool in the middle of the room and the carpet dried in record time.

  • This is a small unit, so it’s obviously not going to dehumidify large spaces in record time by any means, but it is great for smaller spaces.
  • It is very easy to set up and use.
  • It has two speeds.
  • It can be set to run for 4 hours, 8 hours, or until the water reservoir reaches the auto-shutoff point.
  • The reservoir is easy to see and very easy to pull out for emptying.
  • The plus about its small size is that the water reservoir never gets too heavy/unwieldy to empty. (If you are looking for a larger unit, make sure to get one that can connect to a hose that you can run to a drain. It’s so much easier because emptying a heavy reservoir is an invitation for spills!)
  • It is very portable and can easily be moved to wherever you need it the most at any given time.

I’m really happy with this crane dehumidifier. When I got it, it looked smaller than what I imagined from reading the dimensions. But looks can be deceiving, and in this case they were.

6. Deceptively strong little work horse!

The high heat of a Florida summer is made all the worse due to the extreme humidity…it’s common to encounter 95 degree temperatures with 95% humidity. I decided to put this to the test and place it in the bedroom while only running minimal air conditioning. The room is about 250 ft and within a short time, I could hear a few gurgles…within 90 minutes it was noticeably more comfortable. Small enough to place on a table top, this has a semi quiet setting and “jet engine” loud setting…okay, perhaps not that loud but the high setting will make it tough to talk or watch Tv/listen etc… on the other hand, if you want some white noise, it will do the trick. All in all I was very pleased by the strength of this little machine. Easy enough to empty and clean.

7. Nice compact, portable little work horse

This unit is a little gem. It sucks that humidity right out of the air and boy does that make me happy. I have severe arthritis and suffer from it I’ll tell you. I can really tell the difference with this running in the bedroom at night. It runs quietly and provides some white noise in the bedroom.
I also like that it is easy to clean and automatically shuts off when the water collection area needs to be emptied. Think you’ll find this one a keeper.

8. Little in size Big in value

This little crane dehumidifier works really well. My apartment is about 600sq ft and if I leave it on while I’m at work there is no moisture in the air when I return home. Absolutely worth it.

9. Terrific little machine

The Crane dehumidifier is a half-gallon portable dehumidifier. It easily fits into any room’s décor due to it’s stylish compact design. The compact half-gallon tank, makes this machine a small yet powerful unit that can remove up to 600ml of moisture from the air per day. It has a great feature in the auto shut-off sensor. The machine will automatically shut off if or when the water tank gets full. It also has anti-microbial material which reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. It can effectively dehumidify up to 300 square feet for moisture removal and odor reduction.

10. Very effective

Fabulous for a very small bathroom, no fan but has a good sized window. Took humidity from a fairly constant 75-80% down to mid 50s, low 60’s. Used after each shower, 4 or 8 hr timer, easy to empty. Presently emptying it once a week. It really works!

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