Crane Cordless Fan EE-5618

Crane Cordless Fan EE-5618, 7″ Rechargeable 4 Speed Portable Fan, Indoor and Outdoor Use

About Crane Cordless Fan EE-5618

  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Conveniently charge this fan at your desk, home, car, or anywhere with a USB port. Once fully charged enjoy up to 12 hours of cordless whisper quite operation anywhere!
  • 4 SPEEDS SETTINGS: Variable speed settings make staying comfortable a breeze no matter the temperature. Settings include sleep mode, low, medium, and high speed.
  • CORDLESS AND PORTABLE: Versatile size with cordless or corded operation makes packing and traveling with this fan hassle free. No matter the location this fan is sure to fit in perfectly!
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Brushed aluminum construction makes this fan durable while still giving it an elegant look that will set it apart from other portable fans.
  • 90 DEGREE VERTICAL TILT: Adjustable fan head for up to a 90 degree tilt will help keep you cool in your home, office, or outdoors.

7 inch Rechargeable Cordless Portable Desk Fan

Stay cool on the go with the Crane USB Rechargeable Desk Fan. The cordless, compact design can go anywhere with you and the USB rechargeable technology allows the fan to run for up to 12-hours after being fully charged. The 4-speed settings and head tilt adjustments direct the correct amount of cooling air where you need it.

FAQs About Crane Cordless Fan EE-5618

Can this Crane cordless fan be used as a corded fan as well or does it shut off when being charged?
Yes, it can be used while corded. I keep it plugged in while I use it at night so I don’t have to worry about it losing its charge. It’s a great fan! Pretty quiet too!

10 Top Reviews for Crane Cordless Fan EE-5618

1. Perfect for camping

I wanted this to use in places where I do not have an outlet. But, after receiving it, I can’t wait to use it camping. I camp all the time and now the problem of being over heated without having electricity to plug in a fan has been solved. I also often sleep in the back of my car when I camp too, and now I can be cool there as well. It easy to charge, lasts the stated 12 hours and is very quiet. I don’t like things that are overly complicated to use, and this is easy peasy. It works really well, and is a great value for your money. I highly recommend and would purchase again!

2. Great rechargeable little fan

This is a wonderful crane cordless fan. I have purchased several and so far this is the best. It has been the quietest, almost not noticeable on the lowest setting. It’s also well made. Doesn’t feel cheap like the others. The base and fan housing are plastic but the stem between the two is metal and that’s the area that is typically touched if you are moving it around. It’s not the most portable. Can’t be put in a purse but if you need a small table top fan that can easily be moved around it is great. It will be great in the summer to take outside to the patio.

3. Strong little fan!

I love this crane cordless fan! Not only is it small, but not too small, it can be charged and it has 4 speed settings! I was surprised how fast this fan can go on the high speed. I love that it has a long running time and is rechargeable. I bought this for the RV as well as our tornado shelter. The design is slick, too with the button easy accessible. The 4 different speeds light up, so you know where you are at. It will be great for the use we intend it for.

4. Great desk fan

This little fan is really great. It has multiple speeds and you can adjust the fan vertically. I like that the fan is chargeable and can be used without being plugged it. A con is I wish it had a longer battery life. The connector where the usb wire plugs into the fan could be better quality, it has a wobble to it. This crane cordless fan was very easy to take apart to clean it. Overall great product and highly recommend.

5. excellent portable fan

I love this crane cordless fan. It charges fast and lasts for several hours. I’ve put it on my night stand at night and it is still running in the morning. Its easy to just carry right to my home office with me. Its very quiet and so convenient. It will also be my new travel fan. As someone who loves fans mostly for the soothing feeling of air flow than to cool off… this one is the best one I’ve ever had.

6. It works great as a small personal fan

This is the best little fan. We bought 2 last summer. It is a great personal space fan. It is not meant to cool the whole house. I move it around from my nightstand, my end table in the family room, by my computer. I have even used it to cool down the dog. The amount of Air Force is substantial. It is lightweight and easy to position for air flow. It has a slim presence and is not bulky. As you can tell, I really love this little fan. I looked it up as I wanted to purchase another one, but was a little surprised at the price. I seem to remember paying much less last summer. Still would highly recommend.

7. Amazingly quiet while moving lots of air

On the low setting this is so quiet I forget to turn it off. On higher speeds the wind can be heard, but it pushes a really big breeze even on low. I have yet to consistently use on high. Has four speeds which are cycled thru by pushing a button. The number of small blue lights correspond to fan speed. They are Very dim so use in a bedroom would be fine. It charges quickly too. I have it next to my computer to have a breeze while working from home. I wanted a cordless as it’s easily moved around. I haven’t tested to see how long it lasts on a charge on low, but if there would be a design improvement it would be that it could last through the night. Definitely would recommend this fan.

8. Stylish, Cordless & Quiet Small Room Fan

The crane cordless fan has a stylish modern look and does not feel cheap. It works nicely in a small room to quietly circulate air. I’m using it in a bathroom to reduce humidity. It comes with a micro USB charging cable that can be removed and kept out of sight. I’ve had it for a few weeks so I can’t speak to longevity.

9. Super versatile product with a simple, functional design

This crane cordless fan is super handy. It has four speeds that are surprisingly strong and is very lightweight and quiet. I’ve been using this on my nightstand and my husband moves it to his desk to work sometimes. I am excited to use it on our patio table this summer too. It’s really nice to not have to search for a plug. Tons of uses for this thing!

10. Great crane cordless fan for home or office

I bought this fan for my husband for Father’s Day and he loves it more than you think an adult made could love a small household appliance 🙂 He moves it around the house wherever he goes on hot days and recently our toddler has tried to steal it from him too. It’s lightweight but sturdy and much cleaner lines than the bulky desk fan that we previously had. We love Crane humidifiers, so I’m not surprised that this is another great Crane product!

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