Crane Personal Ceramic Space Heater

Crane Ceramic Heater

Crane Ceramic Heater, 2 Settings 800W/1200W, Overheat Protection, For Home Office Desk(EE-6490)

About Crane Ceramic Heater

  • UPSCALE: Crane’s ceramic heater is built with a designer brushed aluminum housing that elevates the look and feel of your home. The cool touch feature makes our heater the safer option for households with children and pets by preventing accidental burns.
  • QUICK WARMING: Crane’s personal heater is equipped with a fan to warm any room in a breeze. The heater has two heat settings: an 800 watt LOW setting & a 1200 watt HIGH setting to effectively circulate air and heat.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION: Crane’s personal space heater automatically shuts off if the unit overheats, giving you peace of mind when having it around children, pets, or leaving it on while away.
  • WHISPER QUITE: The ceramic heater operates whisper quiet on both heat settings which makes it the perfect option for when you are sleeping, studying, or working.
  • COMPACT: This powerful heater’s design is sleek and modern, but fits well with any room’s décor. It’s 8.5″ x 7″ in depth and width, and 5.5″ in height, making it a perfect compact option for even the smallest of spaces, such as offices, desks or dorms.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Crane Ceramic Heater

  1. Safe, efficient ceramic heating element with a fan for quick warming.
  2. Comes in two colors, black and white.
  3. Sleek and modern design that you’ll look forward to using.
  4. Stays whisper quiet to create a warm, cozy environment.
  5. Personalize your warmth with two heat settings.

FAQs About Crane Ceramic Heater

1. Does the crane ceramic heater housing get hot? Without a handle, I’m wondering how I’d move it without waiting for it to cool down.
No, the housing remains cool to the touch. Only the area of the cover grill directly in front of the element gets particularly hot at all, but not so hot as to burn skin. The sides stay cool so you can move it just be careful!

2. Is the crane ceramic heater fan noisy?
Not at all. It is the least noisy of any fan heater that I’ve owned or that I’ve seen in other’s houses. Can be used in any setting – office, bedroom, nursery, etc. – without being distracting.

3. I do not see a reference to a thermastat control, is there one?
No thermastat, there is a control, but it is for low, high, and off, not really a thermostat.

4. What size room will it heat? I am looking at about 100 sq. feet that I need it to heat with the door closed.
The heater can easily manage that room size. Since it is small, it’ll be a few minutes to warm the room, but will easily keep it warm even on low setting.

5. What exactly is “overheat protection”? What happens if the unit supposedly gets “too hot”?
“Overheat protection” means the unit will stop running if it get too hot.

10 Top Reviews for Crane Ceramic Heater

1. Lovely little thing!

Absolutely fabulous! I have a Scandinavian/midcentury home, and I wanted a little heater that had a retro sleekness to it. It actually matches my cream Marshall speaker to a tee, puts out a TON of heat, and is quiet as can be. Perfect for the guest room, or cold mornings in the kitchen. Most space heaters are hideous, this crane ceramic heater is downright attractive.

I’m not sure what the “goo be gone” meltdown review was all about – some lighter fluid and a paper towel took the sticker off in about 3 minutes. The sticker is really not a pain to remove. Finish was also fine, no scratches, just used my thumbnail after putting a couple dabs of lighter fluid on it. Obviously let it evaporate, wipe clean, and you’re fine. Just use common sense! A perfect product, extremely happy, would buy again in a heartbeat.

2. Essential for a Newborn Nursery

A small space heater was not on any nursery list I ran across but after several screaming diaper changes in the middle of the night, it occurred to me that the little one might be cold. This little crane ceramic heater does the trick! It’s placed at the end of her diaper changing station (away from the fabric and out of kicking range). Warms immediate area very quickly; we turn it on high when we bring her to the station and by the time we change the diaper, the station is warm. She doesn’t scream during changes anymore. We also use this for her baths. Because she’s so young, she’s not submerged in water yet so this keeps her nice and warm and has turned bath time into a very calming time for her. If you’re nesting and have run out of things to buy, get this or if you’re looking for a unique and useful gift for new parents, this would be the gadget!

3. Compact, heats as described, definitely would buy again

I know others have posted the same, but this small crane ceramic heater does exactly what we need. Our bathroom is tiny, with no heating, and I’ve sadly blown out two hair dryers using them, ah, inappropriately, shall we say, for this purpose. We did have one blip where my husband unplugged it from one outlet to another (it had been on, he turned it off to move it), and he heard a little click and it would not turn back on right away. I think this is related to the safety feature someone else mentioned, because I was able to turn it on the next time we used it with no problem. And yes, the label on the top has serious adhesive, but it was easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

4. Great little space heater!

I purchased this crane ceramic heater to take the chill off a small office in my home, which it does quite well. The unit itself is 8″ high, 6 3/4″ wide, and 3 3/8″ deep. As other reviewers have noted, the rated output is 800 and 1200 watts rather than 600 and 1200 as stated in the product title. (As a reference point, most hairdryers are rated between 1200 and 1800 watts.) The body is a very attractive one-piece brushed aluminum on top, bottom, and sides, with a black metal grill in front and plastic air intake with removable foam filter in back. The space between the bottom of the black front grill and the aluminum bottom is open, which prevents heat from being transmitted to whatever this unit is sitting on. In fact, the brushed aluminum casing remains cool to the touch even on Hi output. More importantly, the electrical cord and plug also remain cool during operation. There is a single control knob with only three positions: Low, Hi, and Off. A single speed fan blows heated air out the front grill. The fan is very quiet, measuring only slightly more than 60 dB as recorded one foot from the front of the unit. The product manual claims that the unit will shut off if it overheats, but mine has not overheated so I cannot verify this claim. The unit does not have a “tip-over” shutoff, so it should not be used where this is likely to happen. Overall, I am very pleased with this unit. It keeps my chilly office nice and warm, and it is attractive enough that I don’t mind leaving it out. I highly recommend.

5. A Well-Built, Power-Stingy Small Crane Ceramic Heater at a Reasonable Price

Received this great little crane ceramic heater about a week ago and have been putting it through its paces. I bought it specifically because it offers an 800 watt low setting (yes, it is advertised as 600, but it is really 800), which will work with my solar powered battery bank and 1250 watt power inverter. On a bright sunny day this little heater will run for hours on free solar power.

For $40.00 I have to say I’m impressed with this heater’s construction. The silver colored wrap-around shell is actually metal – unlike many small heaters today. The front metal grill and the control knob feel well made, too. The easy to change foam air filter is a bonus.

The fan is whisper quiet and it ran all night for the last few nights. I have it in a sun-room that I don’t want to go below freezing (would kill the plants). Considering that this room loses a lot of heat because of the glass – and it’s been below 0 for the last two nights – I think it did a damn good job. The temp hovered right around 40 degrees all night.

Since electric heaters are 100% efficient, the amount of heat is directly proportional to the power used. For example, a 1600 watt hair dryer will produce twice the heat that this unit puts out. If you’re looking for a lot of heat and a strong fan, this is not the heater for you. But if you want a small heater that is stingy on power consumption, is well made, and relatively cheap, I highly recommend this one.. I only hope it holds up under the long haul.

6. Great for RV and Home!

I bought this to use in my RV since it only draws 1200 watts, it puts out a ton of heat and helped slow my propane furnace usage quite a bit. When I am not traveling I now use it in the house to keep my office warm without using the central air. When used in combination with a ceiling fan it can keep my 12×10 office very warm on the low setting (600 watt). If I don’t use the ceiling fan it seems to be less effective because it doesn’t seem to move a lot of air on its own.

I did make a minor upgrade by putting felt dots on the bottom of the unit to keep it from scratching surfaces. To be fair it never actually scratched anything on its own but the base is aluminum so there is potential for it to happen. PTC ceramic heaters are self regulating and very safe but have some quirks. This particular unit doesn’t have a feature that will keep the fan on for a few seconds to cool the elements when you turn it off, so sometimes if you need to move the unit it will take a few minutes to cool enough for it to turn back on. It emit a soft click when its ready to run again.

7. Wonderful little heater!

We really love this little crane ceramic heater! In a mobile home, it is tougher to find a space heater that does not get too hot or draw too much power. Even tougher, find one that actually gets the job done within this criteria. We just found one 😀 It takes a moment for the ceramics to heat up as but even on the ‘low’ setting, in a 10×10 room, we can not leave it on long — it really heats fantastic. The only feature missing would be a type of thermostat for a more automatic experience but then again, as dangerous as space heaters can be — you are required to pay attention to not leave it on when you venture away from home. Not a big deal – the effort makes it an overall safer experience for us. The control knob is solid and you can really feel it ‘seat’ into position yet is easy to turn. Only one regret — did not find it sooner. Very stylish – looks sharp, works great.

8. I love this little guy, I call it ‘my little Crane.’

I love this little crane ceramic heater, I call it ‘my little Crane.’ Between my propane fireplace, and this heater, I’ve been keeping warm this winter. I have it under my desk, and sit with my feet directly in front of it, so my body gets warm from the bottom up. In the mornings, I crank it up to high, and it packs a ton of heat for 1200 watts. Once things are sufficiently warmed up, I put it back down to low, which is my 800 watts default setting, and I’m good to go. The only thing I’ve experienced, is that sometimes, after being on high for quite some time, and turning the heater off, it seems like the overheat protection sensor is tripped, causing it to not turn back on, until I unplug, let it sit for a few minutes, plug back in, and voila, it works perfectly again. That’s just a minor inconvenience, and it’s understandable, considering how much heat is generated on high, from something so tiny. Not even worth subtracting a star over, in my opinion. Most small heaters react in that way. Also, the construction is solid, and I love how the actual metal stays cool. The only part that heats up is the front of the heater. It’s also worth noting that is does have a little hum, which stays the same whether it’s on low / high, and is relatively pleasant, not grating / high pitched or anything like that. I’ve just learned to accept it as some additional white noise whenever I use the heater.

9. Exactly what it should be, and it lasts forever!

I needed something not very expensive that didn’t hike up my electricity bills and still heated up the air around my feet as I sat on my computer and this does the trick!

It comes with 2 heat-level settings, low and high but really I’ve never had to use the high.
For me the high heat becomes too concentrated and uncomfortable but the low setting is just perfect. The body is sturdy with a little gap so the actual heating apparatus doesn’t touch the ground. This makes me feel better in my fully carpeted apartment. And the metal doesn’t heat up after being on for a long time, so if I need to I can migrate to another room. The best thing is that it actually does end up heating the whole room overall too (I sit in a 12′ x 14′ room with an open arc connecting to the next room). So after a while you realize you’re sitting in a bubble of warmth which is great. I’ve only owned it for about a month so I don’t know about longevity, but so far I love it!

10. Back for a third!

I’ve had two of these for about four years. I have traveled with them, moved them between houses, dragged them all around between rooms- including the bathroom while showering. Really reliable, and seem very safe: one fell over in the bathroom (on tile) and turned itself off. I don’t know how long it took or whether that would prevent a flaming carpet, etc, but it’s worth noting. Also, the spongy filter in the back can be vacuumed or washed easily. That’s a big plus with my allergies, and probably one reason they endure mechanically.

It heats the space pretty quickly depending on size (less than 5 minutes for a bathroom, maybe 20-30 for a medium bedroom) and keeps areas like my open office comfortable. The unit’s case stays cool to the touch, so you can move it. Obviously, the face gets very hot. One of mine popped an exercise ball that bumped it, but it wasn’t so hot that the rubber melted to it. I imagine it would have shut off if there had been sustained contact. On top of all that, it looks good- especially if you have industrial, retro, mid-century or mod decor. Definitely the most attractive I’ve seen. I have to buy another now because my office unit keeps being kidnapped.

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