Crane Aroma Diffuser

Crane Aroma Diffuser, 3 Ounce Tank, Use with Essential Oils

About Crane Aroma Diffuser

  • EFFECTIVE: The Aroma Therapy diffuser effectively diffuses essential oils to add a great fragrance to any room. This diffuser has a compact 3 oz tank, is small-yet-powerful with a 5 hour run time.
  • PORTABLE: The Crane portable aroma diffuser is lightweight and takes up minimal space making it a great option for small spaces such as offices, small bedrooms, or RV’s. It is 6.1″ x 6.1″ in depth and width, and 10.5″ in height.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: Crane’s aroma therapy diffuser has an automatic shut off safety feature engages when the 3 ounce tank is empty, reducing unnecessary electricity usage. Just refill the tank to continue using the diffuser.
  • CLEAN CONTROL: This compact diffuser is made with anti-microbial material that reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. It’s design is easy to clean with a removable top and base, and a smooth exterior that can we wiped down.
  • WHISPER QUIET: Crane’s essential oil diffuser runs whisper quiet making it the perfect option for sleeping, working, or studying. This allows you to run it all day or night with minimal noise distractions for light sleepers or children.

Why You’ll love the Crane Aroma Diffuser

Beyond just the sleek frosted glass & bamboo exterior, Crane’s Aroma Diffuser offers a soothing cool mist, detachable cord, 6 hour run-time and optional color-changing light feature.

  • 100 ml capacity
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Works with any essential oils
  • Frosted Glass
  • Real bamboo top & base
  • 3 operation modes: on with changing light, on with select color, on with no light

Why use an aroma diffuser?

While there are multiple methods for using essential oils, aroma diffusers are by far the easiest and longest lasting option. The compact size allows you to place it wherever it is needed most, like the office, the living room, or your bedroom for soothing aromatherapy while you sleep!

10 Top Reviews About Crane Aroma Diffuser

1. Buy it, you’ll love it! This is a good one!

I love this crane aroma diffuser! It fits on my nightstand perfectly. Very easy to understand directions & to use & clean this unit. The frosted glass is actually glass, not plastic!! The bamboo is beautiful. The colored lights are beautiful. Visually, this unit is perfect & looks & feels high quality.

My one & only gripe is that I wish the water compartment held a tad more water. I follow the directions & fill it to the line inside like it says & it’ll run for nearly 5 hours & some change.

Push once to turn on (you’ll get the circulating light colors & mist), push again to stop on the light color of your choosing (wait until the lights cycle through & when it lands on the color you want, push down), push again one time to turn light off (mist still stays on, but light is off) push again to turn unit completely off (no light or mist), if you leave unit run, it will shut off automatically when the water has dissipated. I have yet to hear any type of noices other than a barely faint hum from this unit.

2. Great and pretty diffuser

I love this little diffuser. The white and wood colors go with out kitchen and dining area theme. It’s very easy to use and is powerful. The lights are a nice option if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. Gorgeous Bamboo and Glass Diffuser

This is a very attractive diffuser. It’s bamboo wood on the bottom and top and a fogged glass middle. Unlike my playing kind of ugly diffuser, this is something I would lan on leaving out in my kitchen permanently. You turn on by pressing the top, you’ll feel a click. The most is strong and steady. The lights change colors automatically in a loop once it’s on. If you want it to stay on one color, just press the top again when you see the color of your choice. Press for a third time to turn the light off (mist stays on). Press. 4th time to turn it off.

While it says there’s a five hour run time, I have used it longer. I love it in my kitchen, diffusing my oils and making my kitchen and living room smell divine. Mine has not gotten hot during use. It’s very quiet as well. Much quieter than my previous diffuser. Overall, this looks and feels high quality as far as diffusers go. It’s lovely and works well.

4.  love it!

This crane aroma diffuser works great. The size is fairly compact, it holds about 1/2 cup of water. It lasts over 8 hours with that amount of water. The diffuser came in really handy this morning when I had a migraine, a few drops of lavender oil provided much needed relief. The various colors are nice and relaxing, not distracting at all. The power button is ingenious. After you have the diffuser setup, just tip it slightly and it turns on. I really like the looks and performance, and highly recommend this crane aroma diffuser.

5. Very Quiet – Sturdy Base

This is my new favorite aroma diffuser primarily because of the very sturdy base and the sleek design. The first two diffusers of a different brand that I bought had a small footprint and then bowed out on the sides so that they were easy to knock over, I realized after I purchase them and was using them for a while. Crane aroma diffuser has a heavy base which is completely flat and sturdy. The bottom surface has the power button and the fan intake so it must be used on a hard surface. To power it on or off you just push down on the unit and the button is activated. By clicking through the presses, you can choose between rotating color, freezing at one specific color, or no color. The cool defused vapor goes straight up in the air from the center of the top. At maximum mine seems to go about 2 feet high then it tapers back to about 15 inches, on a cycle.This diffuser is quiet. I did a quick measurement of the long thin cord and it is about 60 inches. You can detach the power cord when not in use. Rating 5 stars = love it.

6. Great Quality Diffuser

This is a very high quality diffuser. It’s easy to use and is made from bamboo and glass-a nice step above the plastic diffusers if you need a really nice quality item. I bought a lot of diffusers this year as Christmas gifts and this one competes well with the ones I purchased. I like the ease of use with the on and off and the ease of filling the tank.

Like I stated, I did buy quite a few diffusers and I was using a few of them in my home as well. I wanted to inform people, as I was unaware, to be careful which oils you use around pets. I was frequently using oils that are harmful to pets and I didn’t even know! That said, I really like this diffuser-compared to others that I own, this is one of my favorites. The auto shut off is another really nice feature of this crane aroma diffuser.

7. Excellent crane aroma diffuser and it looks great

An excellent wood and glass diffuser. It runs very quiet and has a lot of useful features, the auto-shutoff being the one I appreciate the most. I’ve not used the colored light changing option much but it does have a variety of colors if you like that sort of thing. The top and bottom are made of bamboo which looks very nice. It disperses the oils nicely and leaves very little condensate on the top of the unit. Overall it’s a very nice diffuser worth consideration.

8. Gorgeous diffuser, works perfectly!

I needed another diffuser for our guest bedroom. I’ve used the smaller oval shaped diffusers in the past and thought I would give this one a try.

Out of the box, it’s really beautiful. The glass dome & bamboo top are really high quality. Just fill with water, add your drops of essential oils and push down on the top of the diffuser (which activates the on off switch located on the bottom). The lights are soothing & can be turned on or off. The stream of essential oils fills the room so much better than the cheap plastic ones. Overall, this is a really great diffuser that is quiet, high quality & designed to actually dispense the oils into the room. Would highly recommend to anyone.

9.  REALLY CLASSY Diffuser -So Easy To Use And Would Make Fantastic Gift

I have had the opportunity to use quite a few diffusers of a wide variety of styles and capacities. This diffuser is different and interesting. Let’s see why.

WHAT IS THIS DIFFUSER LIKE? This crane aroma diffuser is a bit different than most that I have tried. First of all, it has genuine bamboo on the top and the bottom. The white part is glass and is very thick and sturdy. The unit inside is surprisingly small compared to the size of the unit. It only holds about 100 ml of water. The top has a hole in it and the entire cover is all one piece. That means when you life the glass part off, the plastic cover that seals it inside is attached so you don’t need to take off two separate covers.

WHAT MAKES THIS UNIT UNUSUAL? The unit is unusual in one way- there are no buttons to push. There are some bouncy feet under the unit and a button on the bottom front behind the CRANE name on the base. The idea is this- when you want to turn it on, you press the top of the unit so that the entire diffuser slightly dips forward to the surface it is standing on. This will press the button underneath. Here is how it works:

  • PRESS 1st time: Light and stream
  • PRESS 2nd time: Makes like stay on color it was at and still have steam
  • PRESS 3rd time: Makes stream of water with no light
  • PRESS 4th time: Makes unit turn completely off

IS THERE ANY STREAM CONTROL? No, this crane aroma diffuser streams at one strong speed. It is what I would say is similar to high on most units that I have used.

HOW LONG DOES SCENT LAST? The scent tends to last for about three hours I have found before I have to put another drop or so in.

HOW LONG DOES WATER LAST? The water does last from five to six hours, making it nice if you want to change scents more often.

DOES THE STREAM CAUSE HEADACHES? This may be a strange question to most of you, but some units have such a strong stream that if you are sensitive to essential oils, too much oil gets in the air, giving headaches and other problems. Sensitive people with that problem often do better with a slower stream or intermittent stream. I am one of those sensitive people and feel that this unit did not give me any problems like some units have in the past.

IS THERE INTERMITTENT FLOW? No. There is only one speed

DID I EXPERIENCE ANY WATER LEAKAGE OR STAINING? No, this ran very clean and I did not experience any water on the table top or around the unit at all.

OTHER COMMENTS: I was not sure I would like this crane aroma diffuser when I first unpacked it, but as I got to using it, I have to say it is impressive. The unit is sturdy, balanced, heavy so it does not tip over and so easy to use, it makes it a dream. Some units I have to get really close to see what buttons to push and remember what button does what and how many times to press- it can be frustrating. This unit, WOW. It is so SIMPLE. Just press and go.

I felt that this diffuser filled up the room nicely in a larger living room with low 8 ft ceilings. A larger room with higher ceilings would be too much for this. A bedroom would probably work well with this too unless you have vaulted or raised ceilings.

THE BOTTOM LINE: For smaller rooms or larger rooms with lower ceilings, this crane aroma diffuser works great. You get about five hours or so from one fill and scent may have to be replenished once after a couple of hours. This is a sturdy unit and very easy to use. My whole family really likes it.

MY RATING: FIVE stars for this unit. It is much nicer than expected and really great for someone who does not want the hassle of pressing all different buttons to turn it on and off.

10. Great Design, easy to use

This attractive diffuser is a nice addition to my diffuser family. Ease of removing the cover to add water and oils is important to me and this one just lifts off so it is very easy to fill and to clean. To adjust the lights and flow just press the top and cycle through the settings. The lights can be disabled easily. I let the water run out and the machine turned off as promised. The instructions are complete. I was surprised that distilled water was not required but it is what I use in my diffusers so I continued the practice with this one.

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